Aerial Installation by Natalia Higgins, Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour

The ROX Collection Story

Following the mesmerising and critically acclaimed aerial agate installation commissioned by London’s Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour, Natalia Higgins has evolved these stunning agate pieces to form a Limited Edition art collection.

Natalia Higgins

Natalia Higgins is an Interior Designer by day, with her own boutique Surrey and London-based interior design company, Natalia Design. By night she is an artist and has recently launched her new Limited Edition Collection of wall art, ROX Collection.


After her stunning aerial installation in 2015, commissioned by Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour, Natalia received numerous enquiries and orders for her agate art pieces. As a result of the growing popularity of agates, Natalia decided to launch her new website in March of this year to show this stunning art form.

With their truly realistic quality and tantalising textures and colours, these works are a celebration of nature’s extraordinary geological creations. The hypnotic colours and textures have proved to be a popular choice for commercial and residential interior designers, who are looking for unusual natural curiosities to adorn their interior schemes that are both timeless and striking conversational pieces.


From Argentina to Australia, Natalia sources an array of these naturally occurring volcanic rocks. Applying her graphic design expertise, the agate slices are transformed from dull, earthy tones to vivid colourful pieces on laser-cut acrylic, mimicking the raw edge rock form. Pieces from 50cm in diameter up to a mega 3 meters in diameter are created with an endless spectrum of colours. Gold or silver-leaf and glass shards can be carefully applied by hand to further enhance the effect.

ROX Collection

The agates appear to float within a box frame to emphasise their crystallised transparency and beauty.

The result is a unique, true to life agate slice that has rendered even the most astute geologists speechless!